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BadgePass GX1

Industry Leading Card Production The GX1 Card Printer rivals the fastest card printers in its class while providing industry leading image quality. TruePick™ card handling minimizes card jams by a...

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Model ECRM280 Combination Reader With Image Scanner

The new SmartReg Drivers License Reader offers 1 & 2D Barcode and Magnetic reading along with high resolution digital Image capture, using the ECRM280 WIA Windows Driver. Capture all electronic ...

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Sam4s ER-900 Series

• Choose a flat keyboard model for food service or a raised keyboard model for retail environments. • Two-line alpha-numeric display shows each item as it is entered. • Multi-Language Support:...

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Sam4s SPS-340

• Interconnect multiple units to consolidate your sales reporting and share access to peripherals. • On screen programming simplifies setup and makes changes easy to manage after installation. ...

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BadgePass Version 4.7

BadgePass version 4.7 is now available! We are always excited about a new BadgePass release; however, this version is particularly exciting!  4.7 is loaded with awesome new features, along with...

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BadgePass Version 4.6.4

We are excited to announce the release of BadgePass version 4.6.4! The biggest change in this release is support for the new Series 3 Interface Cards from Mercury Security. BadgePass now supports th...

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BadgePass Version 4.6.1 is here!

We are excited to announce the release of BadgePass version 4.6.1! The biggest addition to this version is the ability to read MIFARE cards during the print process. Previously, Identity Manager all...

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