BadgePass 3.1 Is Here!!!

What’s new with BadgePass this time around? Some of our latest features include:

1. EPIC – Enterprise Personnel Identity Credential
A system for printing unique and secure credentials unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Print badges with the EPIC barcode from Identity Manager and see how seamlessly they work in Visitor Manager. Also works with Elliott’s STOP-GO handheld application.

2. Access Control β€œ3 Tap” Lock-Down Functionality
Set up a group with lock down privileges in BadgePass and watch how easy it is for cardholders in that group to lock down the facility with just THREE valid reads of their card in a row. Disable lock-down mode from the software only.

3. Identity Manager Multiple Image Capture Support
Capture more than one image type for each record you save in Identity Manager! Easily scroll through and view all of the images with our brand new image carousel!

4. Multiple Speed and Performance Enhancements
BadgePass is faster than ever before! You will love all of the amazing improvements we made to make the software run as smoothly as possible for you and your customers.