BadgePass Version 4.6.4

We are excited to announce the release of BadgePass version 4.6.4!

The biggest change in this release is support for the new Series 3 Interface Cards from Mercury Security. BadgePass now supports the Series 3 MR52, MR50, MR16in and MR16out interface cards. The Series 3 panels support OSDP, enhance cyber security protocols and feature an improved processor. While the previous Series 2 controllers were green, the new controllers are red so don’t be surprised when you receive your next order!

The Series 3 Intelligent Controllers will be released by Mercury later this year and will be supported in a future BadgePass software release.

Other features include:
– The ability to configure doors to require two different valid card reads before granting access
– The ability to pair multiple readers to operate a single door
– When using a physical push button for access control lockdown, users can now select whether the button must be pressed one time or three times to enable lockdown.
– Performance enhancements
– and more!