BadgePass Version 4.7

BadgePass version 4.7 is now available!

We are always excited about a new BadgePass release; however, this version is particularly exciting!  4.7 is loaded with awesome new features, along with product performance enhancements and bug fixes.  Some of the most exciting new features included in this release are highlighted below:

1. Anti-Passback in Access Manager – We have added anti-passback to help regulate door usage and prevent the misuse of access cards.  With anti-passback, customers can create rules for scanning in and out of designated areas and prevent a card from being used to enter an area multiples times before the cardholder has scanned out the area. 

2. Lockdown initiation from Monitor Pointe – You asked for it and now it’s here!  This feature gives customers an additional method for initiating lockdown in Access Manager.  Physical push button and triple-tap options are both still available as well.  

3. Lockdown Override – Previously, when lockdown was enabled in BadgePass, no cardholder would have access to any doors that were locked down until the lockdown was lifted.  Now, override privileges can be assigned to individual users, enabling those cardholders to continue to have access during a lockdown. We recommend restricting those with override privileges to only select personnel. 

4. Milestone VMS Integration – We’ve added Milestone to our list of fully-integrated VMS partners.  Also on that list are Panasonic (previously VideoInsight) and LENSEC.  

5. Document Sign in Visitor Manager – This feature gives customers the ability to add customizable text to a signature pad for approval by visitors prior to checking them in.  Text can include details about visitor policies, NDA details, and even COVID screening questions – it’s completely customizable! In 4.7, this will now be an option available in the Plug-In Manager.  (Check out this awesome video to see this feature in action)

6. Extra Door Monitoring Inputs – We have enabled extra inputs for monitoring doors on the 1502, 52, 62e, and 51e Mercury panels.

7. Conversion to x64 bit Application – By making the conversion to an x64 bit application, you and your customers will experiencing increased performance from all BadgePass applications