Emergency Event Managemant System

The Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS) is a written database software platform designed to help you manage personnel at emergency scenes quickly and securely. This software allows departments large and small to easily and affordably share information on a local, regional, state or national level across all departments and can backup data with a simple one-click process.

Personnel are able to run reports and manage personnel and assets on-site while viewing information either in real-time or while offline. Real time data can be shared remotely through web access between the command center location at the scene and the EOC.

  • Track certifications and specialties.
  • Track and manage attainable assets.
  • Its interoperability allows other departments and organizations credentials to be integrated at an event.
  • Positively ID personnel at an event.
  • Improve security and risk management.
  • Capture data from a driver's license or state issued ID to produce IDs for volunteers.
  • Accurately track volunteer hours for federal reimbursement.
  • Portable equipment allows a quick setup.
  • Link files to personnel.

Positive Identification

1. EEMS provides both a stand alone or enterprise web-enabled solution that can quickly capture a driver's license or state issued ID then populate a database.
2. A secure ID is produced on a high quality plastic card.
3. Credentials are presented for checking in/out at any entrance/exit. Emergency Event Manager allows you to scan a card and immediately track who is on-site, their purpose, location, and time spent on-site.