Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a custom solution designed to help manage and track your inventory and supplies. Anything from PCs, to fire extinguishers, to electronic equipment can be tagged, barcoded and tracked with Asset Manager.

Any item can be tagged and assigned to a department, agency, or any kind of group. When it’s time to do inventory or produce a usage report, Asset Manager gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using your assets. Asset Manager is just one of many Mobile Solutions designed to track and manage information.

  • Track products by department, grant and purchase date.
  • Use a handheld device for quick & easy inventory tracking.
  • Generate asset reports for accountability.
  • NIMS resource typing available.
  • NIMS form pdf are available for federal reimbursements.
  • Link documents to assets such as POs and invoices.
  • Assign assets to people.
  • Associate assets using a parent/child category relationship.
  • Track assets across multiple locations.
  • Schedule and track maintenance on vehicle and equipment
  • Issue asset tags by:

- Using Asset Manager & asset tag printer.
- Purchase preprinted tags.
- Add a machine readable tag currently on the asset and assign it in the Asset Manager System.