Accountability Manager

The Accountability Manager Solution (AMS) identifies and manages the day to day activity of people on company property quickly and securely. Identify, authenticate, track and report on all personnel and /visitors with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Information can be accessed remotely through web access. Accountability Manager iis flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on organization requirements.

Accountability Modules:

Asset Manager

Mobile Command Case

  • Track a person's information, location, purpose, and time spent on-site.
  • Share information gathered from multiple locations.
  • Improve security, risk management and accountability.
  • Easily scan credentials at each entrance/exit and remotely throughout the area.
  • Quickly capture data from a driver's license or state issued ID to produce IDs for visitors.
  • Accurately track on-site personnel for audits and reports.
  • Track and manage assets.
  • ID reader terminal and barcode scanner available for unassisted scanning.
  • Ability to attach documents.
  • FasTrack printing capabilities.
  • Form groups and search for specialties or assets.

Positive Identification

1. AMS provides both a stand alone or networkable solution that can quickly capture a driver's license or state issued ID then populate a database.

2. A secure ID is produced on a high quality plastic card.

3. Credentials are presented for checking in/out at any entrance/exit. Accountability Manager allows you to scan a card and immediately track who is on-site, their purpose, location, and time spent on-site.