Mobile Badging Systems Solutions

All-In-One Mobile Badging Units

The Mobile Badging Units are a fully integrated, turn-key solution packaged as a compact, self-contained workstation that includes everything you need to photograph, identify, and print IDs immediately on-site. These Mobile Badging Units are designed to quickly be transported and setup with little to no preparation.

Just lift the lid, power up and you’re ready to go – no assembly required!

This workstation is a complete solution used to issue credentials on-site and can be integrated with other mobile solutions to track personnel and assets and manage information. The durable, water tight casing can house a command workstation, badging system, cable management, mobile tracking devices and badging supplies while protecting the equipment from atmospheric hazards.

  • Available as a standard or mini unit.
  • Issue secure IDs instantly on-site.
  • Use one unit to create IDs at multiple locations on-site.
  • Provide high quality color IDs.
  • Its turn-key solution makes setup quick and easy.
  • A fully integrated system that requires no assembly.
  • Adjustable view using the hinged monitor on the mini unit.

Choose from a wide range of accessory items to complete your mobile photo ID program.

The Mobile Badging Units are a customizable solution that allows customers to choose from a variety of components integrated into their unit including printer, ID software, and capture solutions. Mobile Badging Units can accommodate existing Datacard ID Badging systems that include a CP40, CP60 or CP80 Plus Series printer depending on the unit size. Pricing is based on the unique configuration of each unit.