Powerful, Secure Card Solution

As traditional proximity cards become less secure, the need for a powerful, secure, multi-application card becomes necessary. The ISG™
MOCA™ (Multi-application Open Card Architecture) Card sets the new standard. MOCA™ is a 13.56 MHz cost-effective contactless card
that is more powerful and secure than proximity cards. MOCA™ also handles multiple applications, has 100 times greater storage capacity
and 100 times faster read speed.

ISG™ MOCA™ Card Products Include:

  • Bronze – Over 2k bit of memory for limited applications
  • Silver – 1k byte memory (8k bits)
  • Gold – 4k byte memory (32k bits);needed for biometric applications
    • Uses high frequency 13.56 MHz technology, the most widely used contactless technology in the world
    • Three layers of security: Data Encryption, Message Authentication Coding and Mutual Authentication
    • Multiple MOCA™ applications available
    • Open sectors and open card architecture allow for the ability to choose any Mifare application available
    • Single point of enrollment card issuance
    • CardTrax®: Guaranteed unique card numbers to protect against card duplication
    • XACTT®: Automated card transition from Proximity Cards to MOCA™
    • Complete integration with your ID software application

Optional Features

  • Durable composite card construction
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Multi-technology (Proximity & Smart Card) credentials
  • Keyfob and Patch