Datacard CP60/CP60 Plus


333RK-000 Color Ribbon YMCKT, 250 Image Yield
333RK-001 Color Ribbon YMCKT, 500 Image Yield
334RK-001 Color Ribbon YMCKT-KT, 300 Image Yield


332RK Monochrome Ribbon Black, 1500 Image Yield
463GR Monochrome Ribbon Silver, 1500 Image Yield
456GR Monochrome Ribbon Red, 1500 Image Yield
466GR Monochrome Ribbon Gold, 1500 Image Yield
461GR Monochrome Ribbon Green, 1500 Image Yield
451GR Monochrome Ribbon Dark Blue, 1500 Image Yield
462GR-001 Monochrome Ribbon White, 1500 Image Yield
466GR-001 Monochrome Ribbon Metallic Gold, 1500 Image Yield
463GR-001 Monochrome Ribbon Metallic Silver, 1500 Image Yield


338RK Cleaning Sleeve, 5 Sleeves Per Pack
704CT-005 Cleaning Cards, 10 Cards Per Pack

Each kit includes one ribbon, one isopropanol cleaning card and one adhesive cleaning sleeve.
Note: Ribbon yields for above monochrome ribbons may achieve up to three times beyond published yields.