EpicTrack COVID

EPIC Track™ is the perfect solution for Education Institutions to use when managing new school learning atmospheres supporting in-school and on-line learning. Expand your identification program by tracking student assets, temperature readings, and check in/out when entering a bus or school premises. Setup scanning stations 6’ away from personnel or with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, handhelds or RPC at entrances.

Track specific details for COVID contact tracing using the EPIC Track™ Solution by identifying which student is on which bus, classroom, recess, etc., including a time stamp, by scanning student/staff IDs and collecting event data.

Accountability – Track temperature readings at checkpoints, Track student symptoms during nurse visits, Generate reports to perform COVID contact tracing, Track student attendance, Track faculty attendance, Know who got on/off a bus, Measure student participation, Assign staff to students, Assign a location to student/staff, Assign an asset to student/staff

Tracking Events – School facility access, Classroom & lab attendance, Students on buses, Temperature checks, School tardies, Computer lab attendance, Evacuation, Club meetings, Faculty meetings, Detention attendance.

Asset Check In/Out Check items in/out and assign to students or staff such as: Tablet devices, Lab equipment, Instruments, PCs, laptops, projectors, etc., Books, Sporting equipment, School/maintenance equipment.